Samsung Z4 evaluation: An additional difficult to suggest Tizen mobile phone

Samsung Z4 evaluation: An additional difficult to suggest Tizen mobile phone

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 Samsung Z4 evaluation: An additional difficult to suggest Tizen mobile phone

Samsung Z4 evaluation: An additional difficult to suggest Tizen mobile phone

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I enjoy my job here at SamMobile, and also for the past couple of years, the only time I've rolled my eyes at something is when I have actually been asked to assess Samsung's Tizen phones. The Oriental giant has actually launched 4 Tizen mobile phones since 2015, and also each has actually been a strictly budget event. The absence of applications believes been the largest problem for me, followed by the reality that these phones have exceptionally fundamental specs. Certainly, given the sub- $ 100 cost, you can't expect anything else, but examining these phones isn't a simple job, specifically if you get to utilize the better Android phones from Samsung.


The Samsung Z4 just launched last month as the most up to date in the company's Tizen schedule, as well as with a lot of self-discipline, I managed to use it as my key gadget for a couple of weeks. The Z4 has the same low-end specs as the Samsung Z2 that launched last year, but as I noted in my hands-on, it carries a higher cost as well as has a style that is not like the Z2's. Where the Z4 established itself apart is on the software front-- the Z4 is the first Tizen phone to run Tizen 3.0.

 Samsung Z2 review: Strictly for novice smartphone individuals 

Tizen 3.0 isn't specifically a huge boost from previous variations as for user-facing functions are worried, yet Samsung has built-in a number of behind-the-scenes upgrades to make its in-house os more technically proficient. It's similar to what Android Marshmallow was to Android Lollipop, so a fast glance at the interface would certainly make you believe this is the same as the one located on existing Tizen phones. 

But exactly how is the experience of using the Z4 like? Does it do anything to make Samsung's Tizen phones a more attractive choice for those looking for a new budget plan phone, or are the small cost tag and also relatively smooth and also quick operating system once again the only highlights? Well, allow's discover in our evaluation.


It will come as not a surprise that the Z4 looks precisely like a common budget phone. It's likewise rather thick like the Z2, which, combined with its plastic (removable) back panel, produces a clunky feel in hand. It's not really heavy, fortunately, regardless of having a display screen that is 0.5 inches larger than the Z2's. However, where Samsung has actually taken a noticeable step down from the Z2 goes to the back of the phone.

The remarkably attractive dotted pattern (especially on the red version) that we saw on the Z2's back panel has actually been changed by a similar pattern with larger dots. I'm uncertain if this is the result of the enhanced size of the phone, but at the very least on the gold version, it looks instead cheap. Making matters worse is this brand-new pattern for the area surrounding the cam-- it has several silver lines running outwards from the video camera lens, as well as even if you switch to the black back panel that comes complimentary in the package, this pattern makes certain that the economical look doesn't vanish. Once more, for the higher price contrasted to the Z2, it's unsatisfactory to see.

Like all other Samsung smart devices other than the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, the Z4 gets the company's conventional difficult residence button, which is flanked by menu as well as back secrets. The menu key remains to really feel out-of-date and also will certainly be an annoyance from folks used to any kind of current Android phone, as well as I'm surprised Samsung hasn't opted to use a multitasking key to keep the experience similar for those switching over from its Android gadgets to its Tizen phones. Maybe it will not be way too much of a trouble for many, as Samsung is targeting new smartphone users with Tizen, yet it does feel like something from the past when you're utilizing a Tizen phone. 


While the display size on the  Samsung Z4  has increased compared to the Z2, it's still not as big as the Z3's 5-inch screen. Since the Z4 has a screen resolution of 480 × 800 pixels and also has an LCD panel, the viewing experience is rather typical. There's a dull appearance to every little thing as if Samsung enhanced the gamma levels, as well as shades, look uninteresting. Pixelation in the message is evident thanks to the reduced resolution. Seeing angles, fortunately, are completely fine. The display's brightness is additionally adequate outside here under the Indian sun, but you have by hand raise brightness all the way as much as full when you step outside, as there is no auto-brightness choice.


But for a $ 90 phone, you can't expect much, unless you consider the fact that the Z3 with its 5-inch AMOLED screen is now available at a price lower than the Z4.check out the Samsung z4 price in PakistanIt doesn't actually have Tizen 3.0, however, it likely will get it as an upgrade, while its various other specifications are similar to the Z4's. Again, if the rates background of previous Tizen tools is anything to go by, the Z4's cost is likely to drop down well below the Z3's in a pair of months. All the same, the phone has a standard display screen that gets the job done, however it would certainly have been nice to see a somewhat greater screen resolution.

 Video camera: 

The selfie camera, meanwhile, is just slightly above standard. Outside throughout the day, while there may not be a lot of information, images do not come out also soft, either. Inside and in synthetic illumination in the evening, nevertheless, great information almost goes away. Fortunately, the LED flash at the front (it's not an actual flash, but a common light that remains on until you turn it off) handles to make things slightly much better regarding detail is worried. Shades take care of to look rather attractive also, and also in general, the front camera isn't negative for the Z4's asking price.

 Software program: 

If you have reviewed our evaluations of Samsung's previous Tizen devices, you are possibly aware that Tizen looks fairly comparable to Samsung's personalized version of Android. But, there are a few differences that set it apart, starting from the home display. On Tizen, the house display includes a dock with eight apps faster ways, as well as accessing the app cabinet is done by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. The alert shade is the same as on Galaxy phones, showing fast toggles and app notifications when you open it by swiping below the top of the display screen. However icons in the standing bar are reversed, so you see points like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons left-wing and icons for application notifications on the right, with the time displayed in the center.

 Efficiency and also Sound Top Quality: 

It's the efficiency they supply for the asking rate if there's one highly favorable point about Samsung's Tizen phones. Similar to previous tools, there is a small hold-up between you touching on something as well as the phone replying to it, but Tizen handles to run really efficiently across the user interface and also inside apps. Basic games likewise carry out well, and Samsung's internet browser does a fantastic job at packing also hefty sites.

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